5 Health tips for travelling senior citizens

Travel Insurance Necessity

Take out Travel Insurance before you leave home. Ensure you choose the right cover if you have pre-existing conditions. You never know when a medical or dental emergency could occur.

Health check

Visit your doctor and dentist for a general check-up before you leave. Ask about any vaccinations relevant to your destination. Ensure your regular vaccinations such as the flu shot and tetanus shot are up to date. Get your doctor to print a list of all your current medications, their generic names, dosages and frequency taken. Print a spare copy and keep it separate from your main luggage.

Water, water everywhere

Drinking local tap water may make you sick. At all times, drink bottled water. Ask for drinks without ice cubes. Brush your teeth using bottled or boiled water.

Food for thought

Avoid eating food from street vendors. They often don’t have adequate food storage, refrigeration or hygiene. Ask for meat well cooked. Wash raw food and fruit with germ-free water before eating.

Look after your feet

Wear comfortable shoes. If you have bought new shoes, wear them for several weeks before you leave to break them in. Get cushioned sole inserts to ease the pain of walking.