May 2023
Turkey is a country that is located in between two continents as the majority portion of the country is located in the Anatolian Peninsula in Western part of the Asian continent while the remainder is situated in the Balkan Peninsula that is in the South eastern part of the European continent. The language spoken in...
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The country that is known as the Lion City and Garden City is Singapore. It is situated in the Southeast part of the Asian continent. Besides, it is a country that is an island as well as a city. Singapore is one of the greenest cities in the world due to its abundant greenery and...
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10 Things to Do in Bali for Your Next Vacation
Bali is a province that is located in the South eastern part of Asia and it is an island that is a part of Indonesia. Bali is a good destination not only for having a vacation with family and friends but also a good romantic spot for couples. It is known for their beaches, temples...
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